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Materials Analysis Tools

Implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: The CCSS Curriculum Materials Analysis Tools

This webinar provides an overview of Curriculum Materials Analysis Tools recently developed by a committee led by Bill Bush at the University of Louisville. The set of three tools can assist textbook selection committees, school administrators, and K-12 teachers in the selection of curriculum materials that support implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. The tools are designed to provide educators with objective measures and information to guide their selection of mathematics curriculum materials based on evidence of the materials’ alignment with the CCSSM including the Standards for Mathematical Practice, grade level content, equity, technology, and assessment.


CCSS Curriculum Analysis Tool and Professional Development Materials

Led by Bill Bush, University of Louisville, and initiated at the request of Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), this project is developing tools for assessing the potential of curriculum materials to support students’ attainment of the CCSS, including the Standards for Mathematical Practice. The tools, and supporting professional development materials, will be disseminated by CCSSO and NCSM.


NCSM Position Papers

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