Jump Start Formative Assessment

NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education and the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) affirm the centrality of research-based, mathematically focused, formative assessment – a key element in the national effort to improve mathematics proficiency.

These professional development modules assist leaders in “jump starting” formative assessment, K-16. The collection contains an overview and modules, each highlighting one aspect of formative assessment with PowerPoints, Leaders’ Notes, and handouts as needed.

Formative assessment needs to be intentionally and systematically integrated into classroom instruction at every grade level. This requires adequate attention in the preparation of new teachers of mathematics and in the continuing education and professional development of current teachers.

The Modules

Module 1 – Overview (Free Preview)

PresentationLeaders NotesPosition Paper

Module 2 – Identifying Learning Targets

PresentationLeaders NotesHikers Analogy

Module 3 – Activiting Prior Knowledge

PresentationLeaders NotesHandout

Module 4 – The Answer is Wrong

PresentationLeaders Notes

Module 5 – Feedback to Students

PresentationLeaders NotesSorting CardsStudent Samples

Module 6 – Asking Productive Questions

PresentationLeaders NotesHandout


Ana Floyd
Randolph County Schools, NC

Jeane Joyner
Meredith, College, NC

Katherine Mawhinney
Appalachian State University, NC

Mari Muri
Wesleyan University, CT

Wendy Rich
Asheboro City Schools, NC

Catherine Schwartz
East Carolina University, NC