NCTM Representative


(571) 252-1107


Su Chuang

I attended my first NCSM conference in 2010 and was ecstatic over the tremendous impact the organization had on my professional growth and network. I was elected to the Board as the NCTM Liaison in 2015 and I am very excited to serve the organization and membership.

In my role as the NCTM Liaison, I will have the opportunity to attend and represent NCSM at affiliate and delegate meetings at the NCTM Annual Conference. My responsibilities also include setting up and supporting the NCTM Consignment Book Store at the NCSM Annual Conference and the NCSM Booth at the NCTM Annual Conference. To successfully manage these tasks, I will be seeking support from the membership to volunteer to help support the book store, greet members, represent the NCSM organization, and promote NCSM to potential members.

I was encouraged by my former mathematics supervisor to attend my first NCSM conference in San Diego, CA in 2010. The NCSM organization provided a professional community that fit my role as a central office mathematics administrator and provided me opportunities to grow in mathematics leadership. Since 2010, I attended three NCSM annual conferences, each conference further extending my professional learning and network.