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Comfort Akwaji-Anderson

Teacher Educator & Math Coach

News from Central 2 Region
Comfort Akwaji-Anderson, Central 2 Regional Director
Winter 2016/2017

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about the ways in which we each go about accomplishing goals. As we talked, I reflected on coming into a leadership position as a Regional Director and what it takes to accomplish the inherent responsibilities. It became apparent to me that building connections is the backbone or key to ...

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I am both thrilled and honored to be representing Central Region 2. Back in April of 2008 when I attended my very first NCSM Conference in Salt Lake, I came away excited and more interested in doing more to impact students' mathematics learning. Since then, I continue to sharpen and expand my mathematics leadership experience through my current roles (teacher, researcher, teacher educator, math coach), as well as participation in NCSM member professional development opportunities.

NCSM provides a network and venue for support and needed leadership resources (including professional colleagues and various individuals with diverse expertise) to its members for the purpose of providing high quality mathematics education for all students. As your Regional Director, I look forward to meeting and/or networking with you throughout my three year tenure. And together, let's strive to continue to be, to collaborate, and share the leadership for equity and excellence in mathematics education.

I have 20+ years of experience in the areas of diverse PK - 20 teaching and learning, mentoring, supervising pre-service and in-service professionals, and urban Education and program development. Prior to my current position as Teacher/Math Coach, I was a teacher educator involved in the complex work of preparing future teachers. During my first two years, I introduced and provided professional development on the PRIME Leadership Framework to mathematics teacher educators as part of our team's effort to better prepare pre-service teachers to work with diverse learners in the mathematics classroom.

Even before taking on the teacher educator role, I served as a member of a district's Mathematics Area Resource Specialist Team. It is during this time that I learned about the NCSM organization and its Annual Conference. Since being given the opportunity to attend that first conference as an Iris Carl awardee, subsequent conferences and leadership academies provided the support and tools I needed to continue to provide leadership and expertise in mathematics instruction, as well as staff development at the elementary level. Our team supported the district's efforts of implementing national reform initiatives and helping to ensure equity in classroom instruction and distribution of materials. NCSM supported me then, with a variety of resources and continues to do so.

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