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Jim Matthews

Professor - Mathematics, Computer Science, and Math Education

Every year in our country, approximately 4 million students start kindergarten. For over half a century, we have had almost a million of these students fail to graduate from high school. Mathematics is a factor in this unacceptable drop-out rate. Many of the 75 or 80% or so who do graduate from high school have a terrible experience in mathematics. We all need to work together to improve mathematics education. I am proud to be a member of NCSM and glad for opportunities to serve and help our organization improve mathematics education.

I've been a professor of mathematics, computer science, and mathematics education at Siena College for over a billion seconds. I'm the only math education person at my small college which is located near Albany, NY. For the education department, I teach the "Methods of Teaching Mathematics" course, advise the math majors pursuing teaching certification, and supervise all of the mathematics student-teachers. For the mathematics and computer science departments, some of my favorite courses to teach are Discrete Mathematics, Analysis of Algorithms, and Theory of Computation.

Before I joined the faculty at Siena, I was a middle school mathematics teacher in a small rural school district. Like most of us, my students taught me an incredible amount about teaching and learning. My rural school was a high needs school and during my almost 35 years at Siena, I have consistently worked with high needs urban and rural schools to help them in improving their mathematics programs.

I joined NCTM as an undergraduate in 1977. Over the years, I became actively involved in not only NCTM but also the MAA, ACM, AMTNYS, NYSAMS, and NCSM. I've served on committees, written articles, and given presentations for these organizations. For ten years, I served on the executive board of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State including a term as president. I continue to serve AMTNYS in a variety of ways. Currently, I serve as vice president of the New York State Association of Mathematics Supervisors, an NCSM affiliate.

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