Jeannie Toshima

Jeannie Toshima

2024 Fair Oaks Avenue
South Pasadena, CA 91030

(562) 305-6018


I look forward to working with NCSM as the Sponsor Liaison. I have had the opportunity to work as the exhibitor chair for CMC-South's conference for the last few years so I'm hoping I can use some of those experience in this position. I look forward to learning from Jim Mathews who is the current Sponsor Liasion for NCSM.

I am happy to be able to "give back" to an organization that has provided me with many new friends and wonderful professional growth opportunities.

I am a "retired" middle school teacher. My home district was Long Beach Unified and I had the opportunity to work at the Los Angeles County Office of Education and work as a Distance Learning Instructor (PD and classroom instruction through TV) for a nationally funded Star Schools project called TEAMS Distance Learning then when the new Internet technology moved into the classroom, I had the opportunity to work on another federally funded project called MathStar and helped create the first series of online portals for students and teachers. I am lucky that my karma has provided me with all these wonderful educational experiences and also the opportunity to meet so many wonderful educators that helped me on my path. My mentor, Geri Clark, was responsible for this wonderful road. She introduced (forced-me) to join CMC, NCTM and NCSM….and I'm so glad I didn't resist. These organizations have provided me with many new educational BFFs. I'm still very active with CMC at the state and local levels.

Even though I'm retired, I am one of the California Math Festival presenters for Southern California, so I get to visit schools and "DO" mathematics with students, teachers and families. So I am fortunate to still be able to "work" with schools and sharing the beauty of mathematics.

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