David Van Vleet

David Van Vleet

Middle School Mathematics Specialist
Fairfax County Public Schools, VA

(703) 980-8075



Throughout my career as a PreK-12 mathematics teacher and leader, I have seen many changes in HOW we teach and learn mathematics. What has and should remain constant and firmly grounded is the WHY, to empower each and every learner with high quality mathematics teaching and learning every day. As an organization, NCSM has a long history of keeping that WHY at the center of the work. I am committed to contributing to and continuing the learning of our NCSM network.

Early in my teaching career, I began my leadership development in a department chair role. These early leadership opportunities challenged me while providing many learning opportunities. When I was asked by my mathematics coordinator to represent our school division at a state level assessment committee, I realized the power of a broader network of mathematics leaders. This opportunity was the catalyst that transformed me from a classroom teacher to a mathematics leader.

My involvement in professional organizations such as NCSM and NCTM contributes to my leadership development and provides me networking opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally. As I was provided the opportunity that sparked my journey in mathematics leadership, I am committed to creating and nurturing those opportunities for others who are seeking to grow in their leadership.

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