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Linda Fulmore

Mathematics and Educational Equity Consultant

As a member of NCSM, I have worked with many phenomenal teachers and leaders. Serving on the Board of Directors to ensure high quality professional learning opportunities has been an honor and privilege. My goals are to make meaningful contributions to the organization.

My late mother taught me the importance of accepting challenges and saying "yes." I said "yes" to positions as department chair, mathematics content specialist, school administrator, mathematics consultant, and to an appointment to the NCSM Board. Each was uniquely different, but similar in that I had an opportunity to help others and make a difference. My membership in NCSM has provided even more opportunities for me to say "yes." I find myself standing and working beside others who are passionate about the challenges we face and the resources we have to use-each other, our kids, our community, and the other leaders with whom we work. Together, we have the untold energy, enthusiasm, vision, and commitment required to hold ourselves accountable to make a difference in mathematics education.