Sara Frisbie

I am honored to serve as the secretary for the NCSM Board. A few years ago, I watched as a speaker asked the audience to raise their hand if they saw themselves as a "math person". After only a few hands raised, she followed up with the question, don't you want better for our kids. This powerful moment embodies why I'm passionate about being a leader. For me, it's about working together to construct opportunities for all students to develop and extend their understanding of mathematics in the world around them, as well as to strengthen their ability to reason, to strategically approach problems, and to self-reflect on the process and tools being used. I look forward to learning from and working with great leaders in math education.

The first year I worked as a district teacher leader, my supervisor suggested that I attend the NCSM Annual Conference. That first experience and each of the following have helped me reflect on the type of leader I am and how I can improve; allowing me to discuss new ideas and alternate strategies with leaders from a variety of perspectives. While I don't get to attend every year, the online and print resources have been valuable tools during conversations with colleagues. Sharing NCSM learning opportunities, either in person or via media, has nurtured the skills and enthusiasm of our district's emerging and established leaders