Regional Director, Eastern US 2


Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia


Eastern Region 2 Team Leaders:

Delaware: Crystal Lancour

Delaware: Jamilla Riser

District of Columbia: Michael Barnhart

Maryland: Ed Nolan

Maryland: Andrew Todd

New Jersey: Jill Perry

New Jersey: Dianna Sopala

Sue Vohrer

Education Associate, Delaware Department of Education

News from the Eastern 2 Region
Sue Vohrer, Eastern 2 Regional Director
Fall 2017

A Lens on Leadership: We often think of leadership as a hierarchy, with a leader "at the top" and others following along. Danielson states that, "Leadership in schools need not be hierarchical; communication need not be a one-way proposition. And while schools, like other organizations, need to have someone in charge, there are ways of ...

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The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics provides outstanding support to mathematics leaders across the county, and continues to be forward thinking and innovative....The PRIME Leadership Framework and It's Time point all leaders in the correct direction for providing high quality mathematics education for all students. My goal is to promote the four Leadership Principles of Equity, Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, and Assessment in order to create dynamic learning environments for all students.

Yes….it was those brightly colored conference bags that piqued my interest! At my first NCTM Annual Conference, I saw many people with these bags, so I started asking, "What is NCSM? How can I get involved?" As a rookie mathematics resource teacher the following year, I was able to attend a NCSM Conference, I received my own brightly colored bag, and was amazed by the amount of professional learning that I gained. As a result, I continued to attend NCSM functions, and became very involved in our local organizations, the Maryland Council of Supervisors of Mathematics and the Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics. I am happy to be a part of this amazing organization that continues to create impact through the work that is done each year.

2017 Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX

Caucus Conversations: Engaging Leaders

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