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South Carolina Leaders of Mathematics Education (SCLME)

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The South Carolina Leaders of Mathematics Education’s purpose is to:

  • Promote the importance of mathematics leadership at all levels
    • Stay abreast of educational issues and trends.
    • Study current state mathematics standards and practices.
    • Is proactive rather than reactive.
    • Represent the organization as needed as a voice for mathematics concerning educational policy, content expectations, best practices, and assessment (e.g. SDE, State Board of Education, EOC).
    • Advocate for mathematics leadership at every level from the classroom to the State House.
  • Collaborate with other organizations, higher education, businesses, and educational entities to improve mathematics leadership.
  • Provide and promote professional learning opportunities to support leadership development.
  • Establish and maintain a communication network for all mathematics teachers, leaders, and other stakeholders.


Accepting Charter at NCSM Annual Conference 2017, San Antonio