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Math was not something I chose; however, it was math that chose me! While in my earlier years of grade school, I considered myself to be quite average in math. It was when I experienced an amazing math teacher, who I credit for sparking my interest and performance in math. She allowed me to reach a new level in math by teaching math skills conceptually rather than computationally focused. I could do math through a real-world lens, instead of a set of step-by-step instructions. From there, math became my strength through college and later led me to a career in the math profession. As a former teacher, math coach, and current administrator, my goal in the math profession is that math is initially taught conceptually so that students can see a bigger picture of which facts and methods are a part, making math applicable beyond solving just a single math problem. In addition, my goal is that the current and best math pedagogical practices are accessible to all students, no matter their differences or exceptionality. #artsintegration #digitaltechnology #culturallysustainingpedagogy
Member Story
As a member of NCTM, I attended a regional conference in New Orleans. After visiting several booths in the exhibit hall, I came across the NCSM table. It was there I first met the wonderful Katie Arrington, the current president. During her warm welcome and the plethora of knowledge and information about NCSM, I was definitely committed to joining NCSM. I have been a member since that day. NCSM is perfect for me as I am a math administrator in the elementary setting. Through NCSM, I can grow as a math leader and impart that knowledge to others.