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Luis Lima

Luis Lima

Job Description 
Assistant Principal, Baltimore City Public Schools, MD


Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
1400 W Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21209


Personal Message
As a mathematics teacher, I am committed to the transformation of mathematics education into a pathway to equity. Mathematics proficiency offers students, particularly those from historically marginalized groups, access to educational and professional opportunities that counter the institutional barriers that systematically disadvantage students of color.

Member Story
As a young coach, I relied on professional organizations for my professional learning. Attending conferences and gatherings was my preferred way of learning something new – and sometimes useful. However, I would always be a little frustrated by the randomness of this process. It wasn’t until I attended my first NCSM conference in 2005 that I realized I had found my conference! As I continued my membership, I learned that the presenters and participants formed a network of forward thinking math educators with the knowledge and experience that supported the development of math leaders in different stages of their development as they had helped me not only addressed my immediate problems of practice, but also develop in key areas like coaching, supervision, and curriculum implementation through the years.

Over the years, I have continued to rely on NCSM for resources and inspiration. I am also be able to serve and contribute to the growth of this organization.