Board of Directors

Inspiration! Editor

Personal Message

I am honored and excited to serve on the NCSM board as the Inspiration!  Editor. I attended my first NCSM Conference in 2016. I loved everything about it and learned so much. As a result of the learning that I gained from conferences, I became involved in serving NCSM and our members in 2018 as a Southern Region 2 Team Leader.

In my current position as a multi-site math instructional facilitator and as a professional development leader for the CGI Math Teacher Learning Center, I’m able to use my skills and training to promote equitable teaching practices in mathematics. With that said, I’m dedicated to fostering ambitious teaching in mathematics in my professional conversations and everywhere I go as an educator. I bring that dedication with me as an associate newsletter editor.

I look forward to serving on the board in this capacity to continue the tradition of providing quality information in mathematics to our members.

Member Story

My story includes a journey about a young black female who had a low math identity. That identity didn’t begin to change until that first engaging professional development that helped me see the beauty in mathematics. My determination to grow in this area led to several great math professional development opportunities in which I could engage. Some of these were through partnerships with two of our local universities, led by professors and district and state math leaders. In addition to these, I also had an additional five years of intensive content and pedagogy training through my work to become a Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) teacher trainer. What made the professional development so engaging and impactful was that each required a commitment of three years. They involved engaging tasks, follow-ups, and classroom embedded work. Through these times, I understood and appreciated the importance of professional development that promoted equity through high-quality mathematical tasks from high quality and ambitious teaching. Times like these continue to impact me as an educator and as an educational leader.