Board of Directors

Local Arrangements Chair

Personal Message

In supporting folks with K – 12 math both nationally and in my own kitchen, I’ve been honored to witness their brilliance when they unlock the joys of learning and doing math. I look forward to continued growth and collaboration in the NCSM community and hope to help all learners see themselves as doers of math.

Member Story

I understand math participation and learning as a matter of social justice and promote numeracy for all people. As a student, math was my greatest mystery. It took years in the classroom, coaching, and leadership in schools to understand how to support people’s complex relationships with math. I was in search of a community of people who love math where I could learn to be an even better teacher. I found that community here at NCSM. Each time I gather with members of this community, I am fueled with curiosity about how to grow our reach and demystify what it means for everyone to do math for full participation in society. In 2022 at the Anaheim Conference, I realized more folks needed to hear stories like mine and to encourage them to share their stories. I am excited to continue this journey and share Chicago culture with our NCSM community at the 2024 Annual Conference.