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Membership and Volunteer Coordinator

Personal Message
When I first joined NCSM, I had accepted a position as the secondary mathematics coach for my district. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with the elementary mathematics coach facilitating teams of teacher leaders in guiding the philosophy and design of curriculum, assessment, teaching, and learning for mathematics in our district. Recently, I was excited to return to the school where I began my career as an instructional coach as well as teaching mathematics again.
Member Story
I was lucky my supervisor recommended I join NCSM to have opportunities to grow as a mathematics leader. I have learned so much from other members through conference and leadership events as well as forums like the Facebook Coaching group. NCSM resources, like the Position Papers, Materials Analysis, and Illustrating the Math Practice Standards, are valuable tools that my colleagues and I used to make informed decisions about the direction of math education and professional learning in our district. Volunteering at conferences, as a state team leader, and on the coaching committee have provided additional insight into how the members of this organization continue to work together to provide both a vision for mathematics education and support to attain it. I am grateful that I get to serve as the membership and volunteer coordinator so I can help share these same opportunities with others!