Board of Directors

Nominations Chair

Shelly M. Jones, Ph.D.

Shelly M. Jones, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics Education

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Central Connecticut State University
1615 Stanley Street – P.O. Box 4010
New Britain, CT 06514

(860) 832-2857




Personal Message
As a thirty-year mathematics education veteran, I am pleased to serve on the board of NCSM. I appreciate the networking and professional learning opportunities the organization provides. As the premiere mathematics education leadership organization, NCSM continues to develop bold leaders that advocate for equitable mathematics teaching and learning. Our vision of high-quality mathematics for all is ever so important today as we re-imagine a mathematics experience that honors each and every student, family and community. As Nominations Chair, my charge is to organize and lead successful nomination and election cycles each year of my term in accordance to the organization’s constitution and bylaws. I will complete my duties diligently and with the highest ethical standards. Thank you for the opportunity to work with colleagues committed to the vision and mission of NCSM.
Member Story
During a 2010 interview Bob Moses asked, “What are we willing to do to force the country to live up to its ideals?”  Moving forward in our work to create antiracist mathematics, I ask you the same question, “What are we willing to do to make mathematics education live up to the ideal of equitable mathematics for all? This is the question that undergirds my equity work in mathematics education. My thirty-year career in education began as a middle school mathematics teacher, a K-12 mathematics administrator and for the past 15 years a teacher educator at the collegiate level. In addition to my prior work with NCSM as Position Papers Editor, I am actively involved in several other education organizations. On the national level, I am the President-Elect of the Benjamin Banneker Association, Inc., and a member of NCTM, and TODOS: Mathematics for ALL. On the local level in Connecticut, I am a member of ATOMIC, CCLM, and AMTEC. My research focus is on how to assist educators in teaching mathematics from a culturally relevant perspective. I am currently the Principal Investigator for the Characterizing Culturally Relevant Math Teaching research project. I look forward to working with and learning from teachers and teacher leaders to re-humanize mathematics education.