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I am thrilled to serve NCSM and their members as the Position Papers Editor. NCSM plays a key role in guiding and supporting the work of maths leaders across the world. Continuing this work by helping other maths leaders access the resources they need to support the teaching and learning of maths in their own context is of great importance to me.

Currently, I am a Professor of Education and Department Chair at Idaho State University and a global education consultant specializing in instructional leadership, curriculum development, and student-centered instructional practices. Through this work, my opportunities supporting NCSM, and my experiences working with maths leaders throughout the world I am continually reminded of the importance of collaboration. Some of the best work happens when we grow and learn together. Thus, I am honored to serve and learn with you all as the Position Papers Editor.

Member Story

I began my teaching career as a middle school maths teacher and after several years in the classroom I had the opportunity to move into my first maths coaching position; I was so excited. Nearly as soon as I started, I realized I did not know what I was doing. It was that classic case of moving from being an effective educator to being a novice and inexperienced instructional coach; working with and supporting students is so very different than adults.

And while I was a member of other leading mathematics teaching organization, I was not aware of NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education or how badly I needed them. But one day, I came across the NCSM website and my life changed on the spot. The books, journal articles, position papers and other materials from them instantly became part of my daily work and it was then I knew I found “my group;” the people who did my work and were concerned about the same things I had on my mind with supporting maths leaders.

Since then, I have transitioned to supporting and developing educational leaders across the country and around the globe. From teaching and advising undergraduate students and collaborating with maths leaders seeking advanced degrees in the United States to supporting and advising districts, school leaders, and classroom experts in the Middle East, Asia, across North America and the Caribbean, NCSM continues to provide the guidance and support I need to help others grow as professionals. And for that, I am forever grateful.