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It was great seeing all of our Central 1 members at the NCSM Leadership Summit in April! I always love meeting and networking with members from our region in the various break-out rooms. I heard from many Central 1 leaders that sessions at the summit were extremely helpful to their work.

Our NCSM Annual Conference has moved to the Fall! Please mark your calendars for the 53rd annual conference from... read more

Personal Message
I believe in the power of mathematics education. Mathematics education is the place where students have the opportunity to solve problems, critique each other and ask questions. It should not be a place where students are consistently silent, watching an adult do math. There is a lot of work to be done in the current state of mathematics; it is seen for some students as the gatekeeper for college and careers. I hope for a day where students see the value and beauty of mathematics instead of list of rules and procedures.
Member Story
As a first year administrator I was encouraged to attend the NCSM conference by a close mentor. She mentioned how important it was to grow professionally and network with colleagues throughout the nation. After a few more conversations I decided to attend my first NCSM conference. I couldn’t believe the quality of sessions at the NCSM conference. Every session was catered to leading and supporting mathematics teachers. I left with many ideas to support teachers in my role, as well as a new group of colleagues to ask questions to throughout the year. I haven’t stopped attending the NCSM national conference. I still leave inspired every year!

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