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Director Report

It was great seeing all of our Central 1 members at the NCSM Leadership Summit in April! I always love meeting and networking with members from our region in the various break-out rooms. I heard from many Central 1 leaders that sessions at the summit were extremely helpful to their work.

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Personal Message
I’m incredibly honored to be asked to fill the role of Central 1 Regional Director (RD) for the remainder of the current term. I greatly enjoyed my previous work in this space and I’m excited to step back in and help again. I was introduced to NCSM at the Denver annual conference in 2013 and I knew this was the organization for me. I’ve had many wonderful opportunities come from my work with NCSM and I’ve worked with the most amazing people I’ve ever met. NCSM is the place to make a difference.

My passions in the mathematics education field are in mathematics coaching, professional development, and mathematical sense-making. I bring these lenses to my work, along with an overarching lens focused on equity and systemic supports designed to empower teachers and leaders. I see mathematics education leadership’s mission as support and empowerment of teachers and students. That’s our work.

Member Story
I’m currently a mathematics education consultant for a county-level educational service agency in southwest Michigan. I’ve been in this position for 10 years now. Prior to that, I was a high school and university algebra teacher. In my first years as a math consultant, I was fortunate to make the acquaintance of many amazing mathematics educators in Michigan, many of whom were members of NCSM. One of them was heavily involved in NCSM work and she recruited me for a project. I joined and attended the Annual Conference in Denver in 2013. From there I was asked to serve as Fall Seminar Co-Director. After that, I was hooked. I ran for Central 1 Regional Director (RD) and was elected. During my term as RD, I had many valuable opportunities, the most prominent of which was working with the NCSM Coaching Corner team on creating resources for mathematics coaches. I even had the opportunity to be part of the writing team for the NCSM Essential Actions book Coaching in Mathematics Education. I’ve had many fantastic opportunities during my time in this organization and I am incredibly grateful for all of them.

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