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A Veteran Teacher’s Advice on Starting Over in a New School by Steve Levesque, RIMTA

Though I am a veteran teacher, I am entering this school year as a newbie (of course, pandemic teaching made us ALL feel like first-year teachers). I will be teaching at a new school after 15 years at my previous position. My knowledge of school policies, the cache I built with colleagues and students, and the... read more

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Teaching and learning has been my passion since childhood.  I actually remember asking for a file cabinet, math worksheets, and stickers for my fifth birthday.  I am happy to report that what I thought was good teaching when I was five years old has drastically evolved over the years as I continue to learn from the world around me.  

I began teaching high school mathematics in 2009 and throughout my teaching journey had amazing mentors that helped develop my leadership skills.  In my current role, as a Department Head of Mathematics in Zion, Illinois, I work to coach and inspire teachers to create meaningful classroom experiences for students.  Over these past few years, I have committed myself to equity work, analyzing my own personal biases and how they might impact student outcomes.  My vision is for all students to experience the joy of mathematics every day in classrooms.  I am also an adjunct mathematics instructor at College of Lake County in Illinois and primarily serve students taking remedial mathematics courses. 

 As I continue my journey as an educator I seek to learn from others to better support teachers and students as learners of mathematics and for my own personal growth.  I am proud and excited to serve on the NCSM Board of Directors to support, sustain, and inspire high-quality mathematics teaching and learning every day for each and every learner.

Member Story
I am very fortunate that my professional learning has been well supported by the school districts I have served.  In my early career as a teacher, I often attended professional learning such as the NCTM annual conference and the Illinois Council of Teaching Mathematics (ICTM) conference. Once I transitioned to my role as a teacher leader, I learned about and joined NCSM.  As I worked with other area math department heads, I continued to hear about the value of NCSM, specifically the annual conference focused on coaching and leadership.

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