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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten and uproot yet another school year, as bold leaders we’ve learned we must be able to change directly quickly while remaining committed to the learning of mathematics for every student. Strengthening student understanding comes with continued learning and dedication to one's own professional growth. So, whether it is through virtual conferences, school and site based professional learning communities or seeking out colleagues on your own, I encourage you to tackle... read more

Personal Message

In my role as a K-2 Mathematics Coordinator in Lincoln, Nebraska, I am dedicated to providing each and every student the highest-quality learning experiences possible in mathematics. My work includes coordinating, creating, and facilitating professional learning opportunities, supporting curriculum implementations, designing and monitoring assessments, supporting district wide initiatives, and collaborating with others to ensure all students receive quality mathematics instruction.

NCSM has been a “go to” organization for me as a leader in my district. Through NCSM, I have engaged in purposeful and relevant learning opportunities that are directly connected to my work. The numerous resources have been invaluable as I support teachers and administrators. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to network with other leaders in similar roles from across the country which would not have happened without being involved in this organization. The collaborative nature and work of NCSM has pushed me professionally and I’ve grown as a leader of mathematics in ways I never would have imagined as a result

Member Story

I recall attending my first NCTM annual meeting in St. Louis and hearing about this “other conference for mathematics leaders”. It intrigued me, as I was one of three district-level math teacher leaders in our large school district and was eager to learn more about how to best support teachers. The following year (2007) I was fortunate to be able to attend the NCSM conference in Atlanta. I was immediately hooked and have been to almost every NCSM conference since! Every time I leave a NCSM conference, my mind is full of new learning. I also find myself reflecting on my own practices and thinking of ways I can improve.

I look forward to serving on the NCSM Board of Directors as the Regional Director, Central 2. Through my time in this role, it is my hope to expand NCSM’s reach and extend similar learning opportunities to my own to other leaders in mathematics education who have not yet experienced the many benefits of NCSM. I also will strive to uphold NCSM’s mission and advocacy efforts, as well as work to expand upon the many professional supports the organization has to offer.

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