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W2 is looking forward to February's #NCSMnights. We'll be highlighting our region's efforts in developing and offering equitable mathematics pathways. We're excited to be among our NCSM members near and far as we navigate the journey to robust and equitable opportunities for all our students. Mirroring and supporting our NCSM position around Improving Student Achievement and the need to close the opportunity gap, California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii will share state and affiliate... read more

Personal Message

How personal should a personal message be?  Let’s dive in, shall we! The biggest takeaway I hope you embrace from the words to come is that life is too short, and death is too long – so there are profound reasons I choose to spend my time with NCSM. These run the gamut from how welcomed I have felt as I struggle to find my identity and my WHY as a math educator and leader to the ways the organization shows others that they matter. I truly hope that anyone in a leadership position will build relationships through empathy while dismantling barriers so any educator who wants to do and be better is supported in their courageous endeavors. If you are fortunate enough to be a leader, use your voice to amplify the voices of teachers currently in the classroom. Since I have not given you a brief traditional bio and if you’re interested, just go to my website:


Member Story
Stories have a way of defining ourselves, those around us, and the organizations we support through the subtle detailed shifts in the stories as we retell them through the years. Some stories have covert and overt signposts as to the main characters, supporting characters, footnotes, and who does not get to be a part of the collective story. My story and experience with NCSM are one of warmth and inclusion. They are filled with the recognition that brave dialogue can foster the support our mathematics leaders need in taking care of those who are in their charge as our influence makes its way into students’ lives. My member story is filled with profound ways NCSM has let me know I am welcomed and valued. But more importantly is how I now enact this position to ensure that all math teachers and leaders are encouraged to tell and live their beautifully rich stories because in the end, mine is a singular story that I hope welcomes thousands more stories from every perspective. What I am trying to say in a roundabout way is join me in conversation so our member stories can be rich and fulfilling.

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