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My mathematics leadership journey began when I accepted a math specialist position to support schools in fifteen school systems. When I stepped into my first school as a rookie specialist I realized the need for math coaches in every school. I became a member of NCSM to learn, collaborate, and network with other mathematics leaders. Attending NCSM conferences has been a game changer for me and the work in my state. NCSM is a community of leaders and learners committed to improving mathematics teaching and learning. I quickly found that NCSM’s resources were helpful in developing and equipping math coaches, specialists, teacher leaders, and administrators in math education. An extra bonus has been the friendships created with others across the country and Canada. I am honored to serve as Sponsor Liaison on the Board of Directors and work collaboratively with other educators to promote quality mathematics instruction and strengthen mathematical leaders.
Member Story
I became a member of NCSM when I first became a math specialist. Attending conferences inspired me to lead coaching communities for math coaches in our region of the state. As a member of NCSM, I found many resources to support our regional coaching community. NCSM has been an essential factor in my growth as a mathematics leader and advocate.