Communication is an important tool as a mathematics leader. I remember spending extra time crafting emails when I first started communicating with 225+ mathematics teachers. As a district mathematics director, the messages had to be clear and concise. I would spend time reading and rereading each email for tone, grammar, and meaning to make sure the purpose of the communication was understood by the reader. The more my messages were clear and concise and included the “why” behind our work, the better it was for the teachers and leaders I served. 

NCSM is striving to be clear and concise with our communication. The communication team has been hard a work clarifying the purpose of our communication tools and determining how to best connect and share resources and latest research with the mathematics leadership community. Currently, we use our quarterly newsletter, monthly eNews and weekly emails to share up-to-date resources and events within the mathematics leadership community. 

To clarify our quarterly and monthly communication tools, we have updated the name of each to better represent its purpose. The monthly eNews you are reading is now titled the NCSM Insider.  The NCSM Newsletter that comes out quarterly is now called Inspiration! and will be shared in December. Below is a description of the purpose of each communication tool and shares why you will want to dig into each one.   

NCSM Insider
Monthly eNews
– Monthly updates from the President
– Monthly updates of NCSM events
– Latest news from partner and affiliate associations
– Celebrations and items worthy of sharing 

Inspiration! Bold Mathematics Leadership in Education
Quarterly Newsletter
-A column from the President, Past President or President Elect’.
-Thought-provoking articles from well-known mathematics leaders.
-Explorations of current issues in mathematics education.
-Timely, in-depth, research-informed information, resources, best practices, etc. for leaders in mathematics education

Thank you to Joe May (St. Paul, MN) and Becky Angus (Chicago, IL) for their creativity in naming our monthly and quarterly communications. They both received a complimentary NCSM membership for their winning names – Congratulations!

On behalf of our communications team, we look forward to continuing our efforts aimed at providing the best resources for mathematics leaders to ensure better learning for every student that you have come to expect from NCSM. Have a fantastic month as we prepare for the end of 2019! And don’t forget to look for the first Inspiration! next month.