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NCSM Bold Leadership Summit – Keynote Speaker

Ken Williams

Ken Williams

2021 Summit Keynote Speaker
Moving Mathematics from The Gated Tower to LifeFORCE POWER

Common sense belies the fact that a solid foundation in both literacy and numeracy unlocks a world of opportunity for every person. Combine these foundations with curiosity and responsibility, and these four become the concoction that empowers any person, from any background and circumstance to shape their destiny. This principle is understood regarding literacy, but not in mathematics. In this powerful keynote, Ken Williams makes the case for removing the gatekeeping mindset around mathematics and shifting to a model of actionable equity where we ensure excellence and achievement for all students, regardless of background.

Kenneth C. Williams shares his experience and expertise as a nationally recognized trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant in leadership and education. He is the Chief Visionary Officer of Unfold the Soul, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping schools live their posters. Skilled in joining the why of the work to the how of the work, Ken is known for his powerful and engaging combinations of "heart, humor, and hammer." He is an expert at helping schools build capacity in the collective commitments required of learning for all cultures. Ken is a distinguished teacher, mentor, public speaker, school leader and the author of two books. His latest best- seller, co-authored by Tom Hierck, is Starting a Movement: Building Culture from the Inside Out in Professional Learning Communities.