Newsletters 2013-2014

Volume 44

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Fall 2013
Table of Contents
From the NCSM President2
Response from Kay Gilliland5
It's TIME to Vote for Your Choice in the NCSM Election5
Mathematics Tinkering: A Habit of Mind6
Wrapping up the 45th NCSM Annual Conference—Denver, CO7
Deep Practice: The First Step to Achieving Focus, Coherence, and Rigor8
July 2013 Strategic Planning Report9
Ralph's Problems11
Maple—Manitoba's Professional Learning Environment12
Tools and Strategies to Implement and Assess the Common Core State Standards13
Book Review13
It's TIME Update14
Technology Counts15
NCSM Sponsor Partners16
The Coaching Corner19
Leadership Tips20
Mathematics Articles and Activities for Families22
Jazzed Up: 46th Annual NCSM Conference23
Regional Reports24
NCSM State Representatives26
Reflections on the 45th Annual Conference—Denver, CO27
NCSM Memberships: Each One, Reach One28
NCTM Affiliate Report28
NCSM Professional Learning Opportunities29
The NCSM Mission and Vision30
About Your NCSM Newsletter30
NCSM Membership Application and Order Form31
Calendar Reminders32

Fall 2013
Volume 44, Number 1

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Bonus material:
Mathematical Trajectories
Part 1

Winter 2013
Volume 44, Number 2

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Spring 2014
Volume 44, Number 3

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Summer 2014
Volume 44, Number 4

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Bonus material:
Mathematical Goals - The Alpha and Omega of More Effective Practice