Newsletters 2014-2015

Volume 45

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Fall 2014
Table of Contents
From the NCSM President2
NCSM Fall Leadership Seminar4
Election News4
Wrapping Up the 46th NCSM Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA5
Getting to the Core: PARCC Item Review6
The Coaching Corner: The SMP Target Lesson8
Maximizing Every Moment for Our Future11
July 2014 Strategic Planning Meeting Report11
Choosing Common Sense in the Common Core Chaos13
Shining the Limelight on NCSM Affiliate: TASM15
NCSM Sponsor Partners16
The First Step to Perseverance19
Smarter Balanced: Alignment That Supports Coherence20
Technology Counts23
Regional Reports24
Meet Us In Boston25
What WWII Pilots Can Teach Us About Math Education26
NCSM Position Papers27
Book Review: High-Yield Routines27
Making Short Work of Long Division28
NCTM Affiliate Report29
NCSM State Representatives30
NCSM Professional Learning Opportunities31
About Your NCSM Newsletter31
Board Member Contact Info32
Calendar Reminders32

Fall 2014
Volume 45, Number 1

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Bonus material:
Foundations for Supporting Teachers and the Work of Teaching

Winter 2014-2015
Volume 45, Number 2

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Spring 2015
Volume 45, Number 3

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Bonus material:
Mathematics Education in the Digital Age

Summer 2015
Volume 45, Number 4

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