Newsletters 2016-2017

Volume 47

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Fall 2016
Table of Contents
From the NCSM President2
Candidates for 2017 NCSM Election3
Framing our Future4
October, January, or May? When will you take the new SAT?5
Wrapping up the 48th NCSM Annual Conference in Oakland, CA6
Historically Speaking9
Coaching Corner10
April 2016 Board Meeting Report11
A 5-Minute Fractions Quiz12
Technology Counts14
Shining the Limelight on NCSM Affiliate: AML15
NCSM Sponsor Partners16
Reflections on the 48th NCSM Annual Conference: Oakland, California18
Book Review: Making Number Talks Matter21
#socialmedia #engagedstudents #dontbeleftbehind22
Mathematical Modeling Professional Development23
What Factor Has the Greatest Impact on Student Achievement?26
Regional Reports28
NCSM Professional Learning Opportunities31
About Your NCSM Newsletter31
Board Member Contact Info32
Calendar Reminders32

Fall 2016
Volume 47, Number 1

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Winter 2016-2017
Volume 47, Number 2

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Spring 2017
Volume 47, Number 3

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