It was great seeing all of our Central 1 members at the NCSM Leadership Summit in April! I always love meeting and networking with members from our region in the various break-out rooms. I heard from many Central 1 leaders that sessions at the summit were extremely helpful to their work.

Our NCSM Annual Conference has moved to the Fall! Please mark your calendars for the 53rd annual conference from September 20th – 22nd in Atlanta. We are planning on offering an in-person and hybrid/virtual option for our members. Feel free to click on the following link to learn more about the conference. We will have a Central 1 caucus session on Tuesday at 3:30 that will focus on networking opportunities for members in our region.

I have been so excited to attend various conferences throughout our region over the past year. All of our affiliates have done amazing work in engaging teachers and leaders across our region. NCSM is ultra focused on supporting you in your leadership role. This summer NCSM is hosting a virtual leadership summit from June 28 – 30 and look out for the Bold Mathematics Leadership series podcast will be released on the 11th of each month.