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I want to take a moment to say a genuine and heartfelt thank you to a group of leaders in Southern 2 who have inspired me as the Director of this amazing region. The Regional Team Leaders (RTLs) are all dedicated and passionate mathematics education leaders in their day jobs, and volunteer in an essential role for NCSM. As RTLs they meet regularly with the leaders from each state in our region, sharing progress and challenges to leverage learnings and build networks of support for more math education leaders. They conduct two-way communication with members in their states, both sharing news from NCSM and collecting information from our members to inform and plan meaningful actions. They are advocates for both our organization and our members, telling our story, encouraging membership, and nurturing relationships that bolster other leaders in their varied roles and responsibilities. And so much more!

In January, Southern 2 is hosting the NCSM Networking Night! Many of our RTLs, active in their roles (in some cases many roles) in NCSM, have also been active in math ed leadership networking in more local contexts. They serve as leaders and participatein local affiliate organization activities to connect with other math leaders. The January event focus is on NCSM affiliates and how to begin, grow, and sustain an affiliate network of leaders.  The RTLs and other NCSM leaders tell the stories and share ideas on how to support your affiliate both in person and virtually. This is just one example of how the RTLs of Southern 2 are learning, growing, and connecting in their role as leaders through NCSM.

Thank you, Southern 2 RTLs, for setting such a great example of creative and dedicated leadership!

StateSouthern 2 Team Lead
AlabamaCliff Allred
AlabamaSheila Holt
ArkansasKim Romain
ArkansasAngela Saine
LouisianaLatrenda Knighten
MississippiBrian Buckhalter
OklahomaSusan Kirk
OklahomaChristine Koerner
TennesseeCindy Cliche
TennesseePam Stidham
TexasKaren Spalding


We need you! The Awards Committee would like to have representation from each region to review application materials for awards. Please contact Samantha Wuttig at to volunteer!

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All the best!
Katey Arrington

Director, Southern Region 2