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49th NCSM Annual Conference, San Antonio

Get ready for the conference, Speaker Handouts available now!

Spring Journal Available

The Spring 2017 NCSM Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership is now available to Members online.

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Equity & Social Justice in Mathematics Education
June 7, 2017
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The Spring 2017 Newsletter is now available to Members online.

49th NCSM Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX

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Summer Leadership Academy

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A Call for a Collective Action to Develop Awareness:
Equity & Social Justice in Mathematics Education

As the 2016-2017 school year begins, we invite you to join with educators from around the country and possibly the world in A Call for a Collective Action to Develop Awareness: Equity and Social Justice in Mathematics Education.

Here you will find a listing of articles and books identified by several mathematics education organizations and mathematics educators. Each month's reading(s) has a set of focus questions for you to consider during that month as you reflect on the readings.

48th NCSM Annual Conference, Oakland

82 new Speaker Handouts available!

It Worked!

Over 20 vignettes of first-hand successful coaching experiences are now live on It Worked! -- a new section on Coaching Corner. In December 2015, the NCSM Coaching Committee collaborated with a group of math specialists, teacher leaders, coaches from all levels at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland.

NCSM Position Papers

Read two new position papers in the Improving Student Achievement Series

"Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics Through Formative Assessment in Instruction" (NCSM/AMTE)

"Improving Student Achievement by Implementing Highly Effective Teacher Evaluation Practices"

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50th NCSM Annual Conference

Leading Mathematics into the Future:
Inspiring Monumental Change

April 23-25, 2018
7:00 am Monday - 5:00 pm Wednesday
Washington, DC

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49th NCSM Annual Conference, San Antonio

113 Speaker Handouts available!

New Regional Director Reports, Summer 2017

New Regional Director Reports, Spring 2017

Regional Director Reports, Winter 2016/2017

Regional Director Reports, Fall 2016

Regional Director Reports, Spring 2016

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