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Arkansas Association of Mathematical Leaders (AAML)

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The Arkansas Association of Mathematics Leaders (AAML) was formed in 2010 to promote effectiveness in leadership, coaching, coordination, and the teaching of mathematics at all levels. The organization strives to facilitate collaboration among mathematics educators in Arkansas by conducting public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, or other similar programs. Each year, AAML leads various conferences to address the most relevant issues for Arkansas Math leaders. AAML provides a way for mathematics educators to communicate for the purpose of improving the teaching of mathematics. The primary goal is to vitalize and coordinate the work of mathematics leaders across Arkansas and to bring the interests of mathematics to the attention and consideration of the larger community in Arkansas. By supporting each other, the leaders of mathematics education in Arkansas can then provide better support for classroom teachers and thus improve the mathematics education of all students in Arkansas across all grade levels.


The AAML Mission and Vision is a professional mathematics education leadership organization consisting of a diverse group of PK-20 educators collaborating to engage, empower, inspire, and equip mathematics leaders. AAML advocates for equity and access for mathematics coaching and teaching for ALL.


Accepting Charter at NCSM Annual Conference 2012, Philadelphia