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We are about two months out from Math Week and I cannot wait to gather together again in Washington, DC! NCTM kicks off Math Week 2023 on Wednesday, October 25, and then NCSM picks up the baton on Saturday, October 28, with our evening opening session and keynote, Lacey Robinson, the CEO of UnboundEd. I cannot wait to hear... read more

Personal Message

The agile use of mathematics and other STEM subjects opens the door not only to understanding and analyzing the world around us in powerful ways but also to viable economic futures for our young people and our society. Unfortunately, that door stays closed for too many students in the U.S. school system. I am committed to working to create change, to ensure equitable learning opportunities in STEM. This has included working as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, district-level mathematics coordinator, and a leader of district, state, and national projects focused on increasing equitable access to quality experiences for students. Currently, I serve as the Director of Systemic Transformation at the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin. Previously, I worked with the UTeach Institute at UT Austin to create programs that prepare more and more diverse excellent mathematics and science teachers to combat the chronic STEM teacher shortage.

Through my experience, I am continuously reminded of two important lessons: 1) All students can learn mathematics deeply, and 2) It is up to the adults in the system to ensure all students have access to and success in excellent mathematics and science. We must engage all students in meaningful work in ways that nurture their academic, social, and emotional development. And we cannot be content with serving only some students well, but instead must take action to ensure that ALL students have what they need to succeed.

It is an honor and privilege to serve on the NCSM Board of Directors in the presidential line. I deeply appreciate the trust that is bestowed upon me by the community to serve in this position. The membership of NCSM has supported me in my leadership journey, and I genuinely appreciate the chance to give back through service leadership. I look forward to the opportunity to learn from, work alongside, and provide services for dedicated educators across the nation.

Member Story

In my first year as a district mathematics coach, my supervisor recommended that I join NCSM. I have always had a strong sense of curiosity. I love to learn about new things, improve my skill sets, and broaden my understanding. When I was a classroom teacher, as unfortunately happens so often, resources were scarce for professional development, so options were limited. I learned from colleagues who offered a wealth of expertise and I looked to more experienced teachers as mentors. I was able to attend conferences in Texas and I took advantage of readings and other learning opportunities available for free. When I stepped into the role of K-12 math coordinator for a district was the first opportunity I was given the opportunity to attend a national conference, and I could not have been more excited to choose NCSM.

At the annual conference and I learned that NCSM provides learning opportunities specifically designed for mathematics leaders, supporting them in the complex jobs they do and the many roles they take on in their daily duties. The supports include publications that address current issues, workshops to help develop knowledge and skills, opportunities to network with colleagues, and many more. We celebrate successes, discuss present problems, think together about varied solutions, and get guidance on promising practices and proven approaches with meaningful results for students and educators. There are resources to use with teacher teams and leadership-focused learning resources as well. The organization supports math leaders, both formal and informal, to ensure their support needs are being met. I have been a member of NCSM, used many NCSM resources in my different roles, and attended the annual conference nearly every year since that first experience and found it a valuable learning experience every time. I am thrilled to serve in a leadership role for this organization that has supported me and my learning for many years. I hope to continue learning from colleagues in the organization and provide support for others through this role. Together we can make progress toward our goals of ensuring all students have equitable access to and success in meaningful, high-quality mathematics education.