2021 Virtual Pre-Conference Sessions

Virtual Pre-Conference Sessions

Pre-conference sessions held Sunday, September 19, 2021, 1-4 pm EDT

Enhance your NCSM conference learning experience by signing up to attend one of our special Sunday afternoon pre-conference sessions for leaders.

These pre-conference sessions are a great way to kick off your conference experience, network with other leaders and take a deeper dive into our recent work and Essential Actions Series from NCSM.

Session 1: Amplify Bold Mathematics Leaders: Coaching as a Vehicle to Influence Change

Presented by: Georgina Rivera and Jenny Novak, NCSM Professional Learning Directors


Attention BOLD Mathematics Leaders, teacher leaders and coaches! Bold mathematics leadership and coaching is recognized as one of the most powerful ways to ensure equity, build teacher capacity and increase student learning outcomes.

To meet the vision of each and every student learning mathematics at high levels, building an understanding of the framework for leadership and how to effectively lead mathematics coaching programs is critical. Join us as we collectively explore how to build a culture for coaching, discuss our beliefs, and have impactful conversations as colleagues coaching mathematics.

In this session, participants will address the following essential questions:

  • How can leaders/coaches build a culture for coaching and optimize conditions to support teacher growth?
  • How can leaders/coaches recognize and address unproductive beliefs in order to influence change?
  • How can leaders/coaches apply a variety of coaching moves to lead impactful conversations?

If you are a coach, teacher leader, or supervisor this pre-conference session will help you to understand the foundational elements of being a BOLD mathematics leader through the NCSM Essential Actions framework and coaching essential actions.

Session 2: NCSM Essential Actions for Site-based Leaders

Presented by: Bill Barnes, Erin Lehmann, Denise Trakas, and Gwen Zimmermann

Bill Barnes    Erin Lehmann    Denise Trakas    Gwen Zimmermann

Come join in this session with site-based leaders, including school administrators, mathematics coaches, and content leaders to engage in strategies for developing an exemplary mathematics teaching and learning program. Explore tools for analyzing strengths and opportunities for improvement. Practice using protocols for goal setting and developing research-affirmed strategies for improved student learning. NCSM Essential Actions: Instructional Leadership in Mathematics Education serves as the focus tool for this session.

In this session, participants will address the following essential questions:

  • How can leaders engage in a continuous improvement effort that leads to the identification of strengths as well as opportunities for growth in mathematics teaching and learning?
  • How can leaders design structures that lead to high levels of student and adult learning?
  • What systems might leaders use to monitor the impact of and respond to adult and student learning outcomes?

If you are a district, school-based, or teacher leader, this session will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and resources to engage in a sustained mathematics program improvement effort. You won’t want to miss this great afternoon of learning and networking with other math leaders!