News from the Central 2 Region
Sharon Rendon, Central 2 Regional Director
Winter 2017/2018

Welcome to Winter Central 2 Region, even though the weather has not quite yet told us it is winter. It has been a busy fall and it was great to connect with some of you in Kansas and Chicago.

NCSM Fall Leadership Seminar

I had the opportunity to attend the NCSM Fall Leadership Session focused on Equity and Social Justice. It was a great time developing further understanding of the issues and how I can play a role in impacting math experiences for students everywhere. The days started with a close read of the position papers from NCSM and TODOs. It you have not had a chance to read them, or it has been awhile, I would encourage you to read them again and consider what leadership actions you might take. Then those in attendance had the opportunity to experience a math lesson within a social justice context. The key learning for me was to identify the mathematics and then to put the social justice context on top of the math. The math simulation was the focus and then we considered the situation and how the mathematics helped us address the inequity. The day finished up with looking at deficit language and how we might respond when faced with specific statements and beliefs. The opportunity to connect with other leaders around this issue was time well spent and worth the investment.

I hope you have already registered for the conference in Washington, DC. It is going to be a great week of learning and networking to improve mathematics instruction for ALL students.

Do reach out to me or to your state team leader for any support you need or ideas that you have for strengthening our community of mathematics education leaders throughout the region. NCSM is a completely volunteer organization and we work together as members to really build something amazing together for students.

NCSM 2018 Annual Conference April 23-25, 2018

Leading Mathematics Into the Future: Inspiring Monumental Change

NCSM is happy to announce the 50th NCSM Annual Conference! Whether you are a first-timer or a veteran of NCSM annual conferences, join us for three exciting days in Washington DC, focused on important issues for leaders in mathematics education. Register online now.


As you plan ahead for the winter and spring, here are some math conferences in our region:

2018 Event Location
February 8-10 SDCTM Annual Conference Huron, SD
March 15-17 NDCTM STEAM Conference Valley City, ND
May 4-5 MCTM Spring Conference Duluth, MN
May 2-4 WMC Annual Conference Green Lake, WI
November 1-3 NCTM Regional Kansas City, MO

For more information about each conference, check out the NCSM Calendar of Events. If you have an event to be added to our regional calendar, let me know,


Thank you to our Central 2 Affiliates of NCSM. We appreciate your affiliation with us!

  • Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM)
  • Missouri Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (MoCSM)
  • North Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NDCTM)

If you would like to join this impressive list of affiliates, contact our Affiliate Group Chair, Nanci Smith. She’d love to work with you. Let’s keep this list growing!

Stay warm and enjoy the moisture in the form of snow-