News from the Eastern 2 Region
Sue Vohrer, Eastern 2 Regional Director
Fall 2018

Greetings from Eastern Region 2!

Thinking about… that "one thing." Remember that scene in City Slickers? The movie is about three city fellows who take a vacation out west to become "real" cowboys. Of course, there are many hilarious events as they learn about how to be "real" cowboys! And they learn other things about life as well. In one of the most memorable parts of the movie, Curly, the wise, old, hardened cowboy, has a meaningful conversation with Mitch (played by Billy Crystal.)

Curly, holding up his pointer finger, asks: "Do you know what this is?"
Mitch: "Your finger?
Curly: "No, it is the one thing that is important in life."
Mitch: "What is the one thing?"
Curly: "That’s what you got to figure out for yourself."

What is your "one thing" for teaching and leading in mathematics? This year, take some time to contemplate your one thing. Could it be growing yourself to grow others? Could it be professional reading that energizes you to try new ideas with your students? Could it be working with a new colleague? My "one thing" was to develop new ideas for connecting math to the real world for my elementary students. For example, I developed a business plan for a snowball (shaved ice) stand. My students sold stock in the company to raise capital, developed market plans, bought materials, determined pricing for a profit, and then sold snowballs in the cafeteria. The profit was used to buy books for a neighboring school that had a fire. The real world learning was terrific, and involved plenty of math as well as other disciplines.

We all have our own "one thing" that matters to us. Beginning a new school year is a wonderful time to find the "one thing" that keeps you energized with enthusiasm for making math matter!

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