The NCSM Board of Directors includes nine Regional Directors. They are elected by their regional peers and are among the Board's voting members. They, like all their Board colleagues, are volunteers and actively promote NCSM's mission and vision for excellence and equity in mathematics education, by contributing their time, expertise, and passion. Regional Directors are NCSM's outreach backbone, seeking out, supporting, and networking with potential and current NCSM members. Regional Directors represent the voice and perspective of mathematics education leaders in their respective region.

Regional Directors

  • represent mathematics educators who reside in their region's states, provinces, and counties.
  • serve as a point of contact to exchange information and opportunities in mathematics education
  • collaborate with others in the pursuit of mathematics education excellence and equity.
  • represent NCSM at conferences, seminars, meetings, and other events.
  • organize and host NCSM events for NCSM members at NCTM regionals and other venues.
  • disseminate information about NCSM resources, professional learning opportunities, and collaboration prospects.
  • share regional activities, information, and resources.
  • spotlight the work and contributions of mathematics education leaders in their region.
  • write and solicit articles for NCSM publications from NCSM members within their region.
  • solicit Ross Taylor/Glenn Gilbert National Leadership Award nominees.
  • broadcast Iris Carl Travel Grant opportunities.
  • coordinate the outreach efforts of state and provincial regional team leaders.
  • provide opportunities for mathematics leaders in their region to become NCSM members or extend their current NCSM membership.

Collaborate with your Regional Director

  • Share events, projects, information, and resources for mathematics education leaders. Contact your Regional Director.
  • Volunteer your expertise. Work with your Regional Director and their team of state and provincial leaders. Contact your Regional Director.
  • Volunteer at national and regional NCSM events.
  • Nominate candidates for the Ross Taylor/Glenn Gilbert National Leadership Award.
  • Nominate candidates for the NCSM Board of Directors.
  • Disseminate information you receive from NCSM to others in your professional circles.
  • Actively promote NCSM among other mathematics education leaders.
  • Attend NCSM regional events.
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