The NCSM Board of Directors is the policy-making and executive body of NCSM. Each member is elected by NCSM members and is entrusted to act in the best interest of NCSM members and mathematics education. Each Board member embraces the spirit of voluntarism and actively promotes the mission and vision of NCSM for excellence and equity in mathematics education.

NCSM Board Members:

  • lead out of a commitment to mathematics education, to NCSM members, and to NCSM.
  • support NCSM's growth and the leadership of others in mathematics education.
  • contribute time, expertise, and passion, supporting, and networking with potential and current NCSM members.
  • perform duties described in the NCSM Constitution and NCSM By-Laws.
  • create, monitor, and assess an annual strategic plan to accomplish articulated goals that support NCSM's Mission and Vision.

Get Involved with NCSM.

  • Attend NCSM national and regional events.
  • Work with your Regional Director and their team of state and provincial leaders. Contact your Regional Director.
  • Become a member of the NCSM Board of Directors.
  • Volunteer your expertise. Contact the NCSM President.
  • Disseminate NCSM opportunities and information with colleagues in your professional circles.

Let us know what you are doing in mathematics education. Contact any Board Member.

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